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In the world where competition is fast changing and media has much greater reach as compared to the old conventional ways, which not only tweaks Kotler’s 4P but radically changes the idea how promotions have to be handled, the old ways do not cut in anymore. Gone are those days where people could afford to miss the internet as a platform for advertising their goods. Today it has to be a two-pronged strategy or probably much more than that, a world where not only our laptops but also our newspapers, TV & billboards have gone digital.

One such brand that captures the essence of all these different media and leverages its use, reaching to the customer in cost-effective ways is “Freezik”. “Freezik” was born out of “Freezing Bricks” which the company initially thought should be the shape of the product, but later reverted to the conventional shape of ice-cubes thereby retaining the name of the product. Rightly named as it should be, the brand name promotes the use of the product; stainless steel ice-cube which intends to replace the conventional ice-cubes. But how do people get to know what is it and what is its intended use? What could quell the apprehensions of the people to encourage them to come forward and use it?

The product can be used for hard as well as for soft drinks. The firm pitches it for household purposes like Iced-teas as well. The product is packed with not just one feature but many. It essentially prevents dilution of the drink, saves the hassles of freezing the ice-cubes, ready to use in 45 minutes of full charge. Last but not the least you can be rest assured about the water quality and hygiene factors associated with the preparation of the ice-cubes.

Freezik Pamphlet

Generally companies follow a strategy to first gauge the response of the target audience and then launch the product but this brand had first launched and then promoted it. This reverse technique which helped not only the promoter firm M/s Purple Patch to tap on the market sentiment but also saved the customers the anxiety of waiting for the real product and link backwards the connection of a survey which may have taken place a long time back. They can buy or at least feel the product which is readily available in the market. In all probabilities the sale of such a product is much higher in this scenario as compared to the one when a company comes out with the product after communicating about it months before. The online outreach is done through Facebook and the interactive videos uploaded on YouTube. Not going for the conventional way of distributing hard copy pamphlets, the firm used the e-media to distribute the pamphlet. Also it would not be wrong to conclude that the pamphlet is more of an information brochure. One striking trick that the company intends to use is to post 5 seconds videos which could not be skipped when using YouTube. All these ads would be chain advertisements fragmented into parts and linked sequentially (which otherwise would be a lengthy message lasting 25 seconds.) Currently the company runs an interactive video on YouTube, which is animated and keeps the onlooker interested as it informs the usage of the product in a story telling format within 50 seconds. The motive this serves is that a person would not avoid the ad and also it would build on the curiosity of the person, an efficient allocation of money for advertisement. All these are the efficient methods to be used by any small company for advertisements compared to the conventional methods.

The product is extensively promoted using live demonstrations in sports bars and five-star hotels of Delhi/NCR. The product could be found on websites like ShopClues, PayTM & Scootsy tapping into the online channels available. Looking at the unique feature of Scootsy delivering any product within 60 minutes of the ordered time across Mumbai, the company tries to reap of the benefits the platform provides. Having advertisements banners in both the metro rails of the country the company also came up with the idea of pitching its product on air. For offline channels it has targeted the best of Airlines in the country i.e. Indigo and the Spencer’s hyper market. The cash and carry stores provide footfall to target the intended segment of the society.

Then we come to the topic of creating a brand image. How does your brand send a message to the user, making it easier for him to understand the intended use of the product? The slogan that it carries “Undiluted taste” strikes a chord with the end-user which clearly defines the very purpose of the product. It states that the drink with which it is used doesn’t get diluted as it would have got with conventional ice-cubes. It is this unique selling proposition which provides an impetuous to the first time consumer to come and try the product. Whatever the beverage you use it does not get diluted because of the stainless steel outer shell.

When talking about the product marketing, it is inevitable to avoid the product and its aesthetics in itself. The brand logo on each ice-cube is an icing on the cake. The laser printing of the logo adds value to the product and also gives it an identity steering clear of other cheap imitations. The benefit of such a strategy shows up the capability of the brand and the quality it would serve. The faith of the customer is restored.

What additionally the company is thinking to do is, to align with all the big names in consumer durables segment to bundle Freezik along with their refrigerator line. Once the brand is well known and well received and also has made sales to the tune of few millions, the company could look out for more options available to the company. One of which is to associate with Godrej for their ChotuKool product range. Chotukool is essentially a small refrigerator for portable use and so does Freezik – ice-cubes on the move, also target the high end luxury car owners for usage in the car chillers.

The article is being shared by Purple Patch , a venture of Rakshit Joshi IIM Kashipur PGP 2015-17 Student.

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  1. Tushar Gargava said:

    I like the idea! If I may drop a question here, does the factor of weight come up while selling it? The first thought I had was that it’d make my glass heavier.

    Is it relatively heavy? If yes, how do you manage that in your sales pitches?

    July 28, 2016

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