Should startups be built on emotions?

This article is being shared by Vedansh Jain , Kirori Mal College

First to elucidate the start-ups spurge, consider BJP and allies to be the start-up guys and other parties to be other business guys.

So in the job fair of May 2014 aka Indian general elections of 2014 Start-ups aka BJP & allies were offered 282 jobs/seats and other business aka other parties landed up together with just 263 jobs/seats. That’s how entrepreneurial streaks are rising in a diversified and beautiful country like India.

Now to begin with, the other day I was having a dinner time discussion with my flatmates who aspire to be entrepreneurs, have audacity rooted in their hearts and soul, and are great friends- Should start-ups be built on emotions? As always, we didn’t reach a conclusion; but the thought lingered on for a rather peevish long period which is why I decided to write about it.

I have a theory that every person has a split personality. There is a very high chance that these two (or multiple) personalities would continuously intersect, collide, fight, yell, call each other names and eventually, one of them would win. When they would have fought enough. When there would be no fight left in at least one of them. And, the winner is entirely situational. Sometimes, emotions win. At other times, grey matters win. Sometimes, red wins. At other times, blue wins.

I digress.

So, coming back to the original thought- are start-ups built on emotions? Notice that “should” has already changed to “are”.

Let me tell you another theory of mine. I am quite a theoretician (idealist?), ain’t I? I think that the world cannot be purely divided into black and white. At best, they are just the colors of photography. Instead, life is led in ever contrasting tones of sepia. All of us has a whole palette of grey in us. Our life really does comprise of 50 shades of grey, with all the awkward and passionate sex and insufferable life situations fading in and fading out!

I digress. Again.

Now that I have stated two unrelated and random theories, let me solve the question in hand, like a true engineer! Let us reason this out.

Let me assume that the start-ups cannot and should not be built on emotions, unless proven otherwise. Let us say that at work place, one should strictly be a cerebral person and make decisions using intelligence and hard facts. All the drama and theatrics should be done after the work hours, because as soon as you enter your office you become a creature of logic and not emotions. You wrap your emotions in your comforter at home. There is no place for ‘mystifying gut’ based decisions. After all, if logic can’t support the decision, it should not be taken. Black is black and white is white, you see?

But, wait a second. Then, why as a customer, I end up buying only those products where the brands make a connection with me? Why is every big company investing so much in social media? Why, in my previous avatar, I wanted my boss to be empathetic towards my problems? And, why now am I so involved in the lives of the people I engage with?

Because like most of us, I use my brains but proudly wear my emotions. I am strong and logical one minute, & vulnerable and soft the other. And, I have no shame in accepting that. Because, my life’s grey may be different than yours, but it is indeed grey!

If you have come this far, I would leave you with one final theory that I strongly believe in- People sell to people and people buy from people. That is what business in its essence means. Rest all can be filled in with any bullshit!

With all due credit to the financial analysts and their ever expanding spreadsheets, markets run on emotions. It has always been like that.

Emotions do have a place in this f^&@ing world (fussing world What did you thought? Polluted minds? Anyways 2015 Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan paves a way for your cleanliness) of start-ups. In fact, successful people do business with them.

But these lines of Pablo Picasso one should always remember and should not mar one s emotions while running start-ups.

“Good artists copy

Great artists steal”

Every start-up will always feel the heat from other companies adopting the ill-practice of reverse engineering but that should not dampen one’s entrepreneurial spark

You be the ruler because you are an entrepreneur.

We have Uber , we have Ola, Didi Kuaidi from China is on its way, so what!


-By Vedansh Jain , Kirori Mal College

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