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The article being shared by Neha Ghotane , IIM Banglore 4th runner up in Evolve 1.0

Once upon a time, there were two designers Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia staying in San Franscisco. Poor fellas couldn’t afford the rent of their apartment. A design conference was going to happen in the city of limited hotels. There struck the idea of turning the loft space into lodging, renting mattresses and providing homemade breakfast. Being designers they built new website to post their offer.

On getting their first three customers, the two chaps thought, what would be a worldwide version on such an offering would look like. They discussed and decided to perform a market research. The findings of the market research were positive and the problem faced by them was faced by others too. Encouraged by the findings, they decided to go forward with pursuing their idea. Read More The unheard story of AirBnB

Start Up story

Story of an Entrepreneurship venture started by IIM Kashipur students

How many of us own or use a two wheeler? Almost all of us right! We commute for work, college and other purpose on a day to day basis using our two wheelers. But often we face problems of losing our valuable time and money while getting this trusted companion of ours serviced and repaired in good condition. This is because we are still relying on traditional way of getting bikes serviced

Thinking of what is traditional service?

  1. Need arises for our two wheeler service
  2. We will plan our service or repair as per our convenience of time and money
  3. Travel to the service station and handover two wheeler for service or repair
  4. Return back to the Home/Office in an auto, taxi or being picked up by a friend or relative
  5. After service again going back to the service center in an auto, taxi or being dropped by friend or relative for getting your two wheeler back
  6. No expert for your two wheeler problem identification and its resolutions

Read More Doorstep: At your service

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