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Story of an Entrepreneurship venture started by IIM Kashipur students

How many of us own or use a two wheeler? Almost all of us right! We commute for work, college and other purpose on a day to day basis using our two wheelers. But often we face problems of losing our valuable time and money while getting this trusted companion of ours serviced and repaired in good condition. This is because we are still relying on traditional way of getting bikes serviced

Thinking of what is traditional service?

  1. Need arises for our two wheeler service
  2. We will plan our service or repair as per our convenience of time and money
  3. Travel to the service station and handover two wheeler for service or repair
  4. Return back to the Home/Office in an auto, taxi or being picked up by a friend or relative
  5. After service again going back to the service center in an auto, taxi or being dropped by friend or relative for getting your two wheeler back
  6. No expert for your two wheeler problem identification and its resolutions

This is how you lose your valuable time and money going back and forth for getting your two wheeler serviced. You are one among millions of other individuals opting for the same kind of traditional two wheeler service every year.

Do you really have to go through all this gruelling experience and still settle unsatisfied after service? Not anymore with our service.

What is our Services?

Pick and Drop service of two wheeler, from your location (Home/Office), to your preferred dealer workshop or your local mechanic.

Road assistance repair services where we reach out to you with our helping hand when you are stranded half way on your journey with a bike break down.

What are the Benefits of using our product?

  1. Avoid hassle of travelling to the workshop, thereby saving your valuable time.
  2. Get your service done while you are sitting at Home or Office, thereby saving Money
  3. Expert help in your two wheeler problems identification and its resolution

How do we work?

  1. Book your service online at
  2. Doorsteps will :-
    a) Pick up your vehicle as per your convenient time and place.
    b) Getting it serviced at your preferred service center.
    c) Test driving of the vehicle to ensure the problems are resolved.
    d) Delivering it back at your doorstep.

What is our unique value proposition? 

  1. First mover in two wheeler Pick and Drop service
  2. Management team with 6 years rich experience in Mechanical/Automobile engineering
  3. Customer satisfaction is No.1 priority
  4. Reasonable price of Rs.99

We as a business started our service in Hyderabad ,the capital city of Telangana, on 14th may ,2015 with the unique value proposition of “Pick and Drop for Two Wheelers” enjoying the full advantages of first mover in this segment. We charge a reasonable fee of Rs.99 for pick and drop services and Rs.299 for road assistance repair services which involves carrying the two wheeler to the service center with the help of towing vehicle. Our target customers are the office goers, businessmen, students and all those who feel time and effort as constraints for getting their two wheelers serviced or repaired. Four months since inception ,celebrating the milestone of acquiring our 50th valuable customer ,we as a business are even more convinced of the fact that we are  filling a need gap of common man . We operate in a business landscape with negligible customer bargaining power, medium threat of substitutes and very low industry rivals as we are the first movers. We have two dedicated employees stationed at the heart of Hyderabad promptly attending customer requests for service and repair of their two wheelers.

We plan to operate as an asset light company with minimal investments on asset building, focusing on building trust and belief in customer minds through our prompt services and advertisement initiatives planned in a phased manner in the coming years. As a first step towards this, we have launched our official website on 12 August, 2015 under the URL where customers can login and place their request for our service online. We use our Facebook page as another online channel to reach out to potential customers increasing our brand visibility  .Our business has grown with conventional marketing activities like word of mouth, pamphlet distribution and event sponsoring. We plan to scale up our marketing initiatives by stepping up our online presence through placing website links in more two wheeler related websites, Facebook advertising ,online competitions etc. We are planning to sponsor motor expos and road safety campaigns happening this year in Hyderabad. We are already into tie ups with some of the bike service centres in Hyderabad and are planning to expand our horizon with more such deals. We also target offices especially IT Companies as our corporate clients were we tie up with them to do the services and repairs of two wheeler owned by their employees. We expect some fruitful negotiations this year with some of the major IT companies in Hyderabad showing interest in our service.

In the coming years we plan to expand our business to other cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata .Two wheeler as a mode of transport in India has grown at exponential pace ever since globalization which paved way for more two wheeler brands entering India and because of availability of cheaper loans from banks. According to ICRA the two wheeler segment in India grew by a staggering 16.3% in first half of 2015 and is expected to continue the same trend. This trend coupled with the ever increasing fast pace of human life were money is traded against more valuable time and effort, our business is all set for a high growth trajectory pushing our bottom line into green by 2020.

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